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Chef's Specials

All dinners come with your choice of steamed or fried rice.
Substitution to brown rice add $1.00

Chef's Specials
General Tso's Chicken or Shrimp $12.50 / $14.50
As the most popular chicken or shrimp dish in all Chinese restaurants, named after General Tso in the Ching Dynasty, this extraordinary dish is made out of crispy golden brown chicken or chunks of crispy jumbo shrimp in an exotic tangy sauce.

Sesame Chicken or Beef or Shrimp $12.50 / $13.75 / $14.50
Tender beef or chicken or jumbo shrimp specially fried until crispy & blended with our chef's special sauce, sprinkled with sesame seeds. fresh-steamed broccoli on the side.

Orange Chicken or Beef or Shrimp $12.50 / $13.75 / $14.50
Marinated beef filets or chicken or jumbo shrimp deep-fried until crispy, then sautéed w/ orange peels & red chili pepper in a marvelous tangy tangerine sauce.

Chinese Eggplant w/ Chicken or Shrimp $11.95 / $13.95
Slices of chicken breast or jumbo shrimp stir fried with Chinese eggplant in spicy garlic sauce.

Amazing Chicken or Shrimp $12.50 / $14.50
Strips of chicken breast dipped in a light batter & deep-fried to a crispy perfection, the amazingly aromatic sauce is perfect accompaniment.

Happy Family $16.95
The appetizing combination of beef, chicken, scallops, jumbo shrimp & lobster w/ Chinese vegetables is sure to delight everybody in the family.

Sha-Cha Combination $12.95
Slices of chicken breast and beef, green & red peppers, pea pods, water chestnuts and mushrooms in a unique spicy satay sauces.

Honey Chicken $12.50
Tender chicken breast sautéed w/ baby corn, red pepper, onions, straw mushroom & zucchini in a special honey sauce.

Pineapple Shrimp $14.95
Jumbo shrimp lightly breaded in sweet mayonnaise sauce over fresh pineapples.

Seafood Combination $17.95
A superb combination of shrimp, scallops, lobster & crab meat sautéed w/ assorted vegetables in an excellent wine sauce.

Triple Delight $14.25
Fresh jumbo shrimp, chicken & beef sautéed w/ Chinese vegetables in our special brown sauce.

Trio Seafood $16.50
Sea scallops, jumbo shrimp & lobster meat sautéed w/ vegetables in garlic sauce.

Triple Delicacy Combination $14.25
Jumbo shrimp, beef & chicken with peppers, mushroom & water chestnuts in garlic sauce.

Shrimp & Scallop Combination $14.95
Superb combination of sea scallops & jumbo shrimp w/ vegetables in a tangy & spicy brown sauce. A unique challenge to your taste buds.

Mango Chicken $12.95
Sliced white-meat chicken with mango and vegetables in the chef's special mango sauce.

Salt & Pepper Shrimp $15.50
Lightly breaded jumbo shrimp seasoned with salt and pepper.

Hunan Two Styles $13.50
Tender chicken & jumbo shrimp with baby corn, peppers & fresh mushrooms in spicy brown sauce.

Walnut Shrimp $14.50
Golden fried shrimp prepared in luscious brown sauce, sprinkled w/ candied walnuts on top.

Subgum Pan Fried Noodle $14.50
Fresh egg noodle pan-fried until golden brown, topped w/ jumbo shrimp, chicken, beef & pork w/ vegetables in chef's special brown sauce.

New York Steak Sizzling $14.95
New York Steak sautéed w/ snow peas, mushroom, red pepper & baby corn in chef's special steak sauce.

Double Crown $14.95
Sesame chicken on one side, honey walnut shrimp on the other side.

Dragon & Phoenix $16.50
Lobster w/ chef's special chili sauce on one side, honey chicken on the other side.

Ma-La Crispy Chicken $12.50
Diced chicken marinated & quickly deep fried until crispy, sautéed with green & red pepper in our exotic tangy spicy sauce.

Kung-Pao Combination $15.50
A pungent & spicy dish created by combining fresh sea scallops, shrimp, beef & chicken sautéed with vegetables & red hot chili pepper brown sauce.

Lemon Chicken $12.50
Crispy chicken breast smothered w/ a lemon-flavored sauce.

Coconut Shrimp $13.95
Shrimp heavily breaded in chef's special coconut sauce.

Surf & Turf $18.50
Lobster chunks & whole pieces of steak pan-fried & cut into cubes, then stir-fried w/ broccoli, onion, baby corn & red peppers in the chef's special sauce served on a sizzling plate.

Lobster Tail Special $21.95
Baked 8 oz lobster tail with steamed vegetables on the side.

Whole Lobster - Seasonal Price
1 1/2 lb. whole lobster, stir-fried in ginger & scallions, Szechuan or Cantonese style.

Peking Duck Half- $15.95 / Whole - $26.50
The classic dish of the mandarin crispy roaster, succulent duckling served with scallion & hoisin sauce on delicate Mandarin pancakes.

Soft Shell Crab $17.95
Two soft-shell crab lightly fried, sautéed with salt and pepper or choice of brown or garlic sauce.

Snow Crab Legs - Seasonal Price

Indicates a hot & spicy dish. We can alter the spiciness according to your taste.